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Not this kind of change!

2009 April 9
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by American

President Obama was elected to clean up the mess created by the previous administration not to make it worse. Generally, I think things are moving in the right direction. I’d prefer that they were moving farther, faster but it is improvement all the same.

Unfortunately, on warrantless wiretapping this administration is not getting it right. The continued defense of warrantless wiretapping using “states secrets” is disappointing. The assertions of sovereign immunity, arguing that the government is protected from legal action in regards to this spying,  is taking this in completely the wrong direction.

In Warrantless Wiretapping Case, Obama DOJ’s New Arguments Are Worse Than Bush’s | Electronic Frontier Foundation

If Americans are being or have been spied on illegally by our government this needs to be brought to light and addressed appropriately. This should not be hidden away forever under state secrets and sovereign immunity.

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